Tianjin Bollison International Trading Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Bollison International Trading Co.,Ltd

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Name: Ellen Wang
Tel: +86-022-29855166
Mobile: +86-17082277553
E-mail: sales@tjbollsion.com
Add: Quanzhou South Road,Yangcun Street,Wuqing District,Tianjin City,China
Skype: bo.liexing
Skype: bo.liexing



Shortest Production Lead-time guaranteed

-Initial Order: 25-30 days from the place of PO



-Repeat Order: 25 days

-Even Ready for Late-cut PO : 25 days prior to S/W

Proved quality

-ISO 9001:2008

- Third party inspect the factory and products

-Self Inspection program to ensure quality

Custom Made

-          Logo printing is custom made

-          Size, color, shape, pattern ,package and other products requirement are both custom made.